The Australian Foundation for Healing Touch Inc (AFHTI) invites graduates of our Unit 1 – Foundations of Healing Touch course to join our membership and become a valuable addition to our organisation.

Those who elect to continue their Healing Touch studies can access discounted course fees and apply for scholarships.

AFHTI Members are also invited to participate in our Healing Touch conferences, practice sessions and events.

The Member-Only section of our website includes details on events, reading lists, research reports and other member-only resources and downloads.

We currently have around 100 members across Australia.

The standard annual AFHTI Membership Fee is AUD$90. Concession rates also available.

You will soon be able to apply for AFHTI membership online. In the meantime download a copy of the membership application form below and follow the instructions.

For assistance or more information contact

Member benefits

AFHTI membership is a rewarding experience and a great opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced fees for AFHTI courses and events.

  • Regular newsletters from Australia and the United States which provide interesting worldwide information about Healing Touch.

  • Access to member updates, invitations to local practice sessions and events and resources/documents through the Member-Only section of the website.

  • Meetings for members, Practitioners and Instructors where you have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion and enjoy liaising with other members.

  • Invitation to attend the annual AFHTI conference for Practitioners and Instructors.

  • Reduced sale price on relevant books.

  • The opportunity to apply for scholarship funding.

To find out more about AFHTI membership contact our Membership Coordinator via email:

Member stories are also included in the Practitioners section of the website.

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How to Join

If you have completed the Unit 1 Foundations of Healing Touch course and would like to become an AFHTI member please download a copy of the membership application form, then complete and submit the form as outlined.

For assistance or more information on becoming a member of the Foundation, contact

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