Healing Touch Events

The Australian Foundation for Healing Touch Inc (AFHTI) offers special events nationwide designed to give members and guests an opportunity to meet, experience, discuss, share and enjoy.

Annually AFHTI members and guests gather for the National Conference (see details below) and every four years we celebrate an Australasian conference with our neighbours Healing Touch New Zealand.

Our recent 2019 National Conference featured many outstanding speakers. Oncologist and Complimentary Therapist, Dr Beth DuPree, spoke on A Caregiver's Perspective'. Here is a link to this keynote presentation.

To register for paid events online go to the Event and Course Bookings Page or email info@healingtouch.org.au.

Community Events

Throughout the year Healing Touch is shared at fairs and other community events. We welcome you to come along to learn more and to experience a session.

Details are shared on our public Facebook page.

AFHTI Events and Course Bookings

To enrol in AFHTI courses or book tickets online to paid events go to our Events and Course Bookings Page.

For more information on events email info@healingtouch.org.au